Anne Larouzé (FR)

Anne Larouzé is interested in how time materialises into matter. In other words, in anything that leaves a trace. With her most recent research focusing on skin, she explores the different dynamics of living organisms, which she transfers onto clay. The skin is seen as a landscape which offers an altered perception of all living organisms which metamorphose.

Anne Larouze’s fascination for the scales of squamates, the order of moulting reptiles, makes her follow the traces of living things within matter, thus recreating in each of her ceramic pieces a morphogenesis of order, disorder, growth, mutation, restrain, vagaries… The result are strange, yet wonderful landscapes springing from within thanks to living forces, which are here in dialogue with Chris Murner’s furs and tanned leather.

This exhibition is part of Anne Larouzé’s research residency at Muséum d’Histoire naturel de Genève and Bruckner Foundation, in partnership with Musée Ariana.

In 2019, Anne Larouzé was awarded the Bursary for the encouragement of Ceramics Creation by the Bruckner Foundation.

5. L’Antre-Peaux

Rue Ancienne 43
1227 Carouge 
022 342 72 25